Stock ImageLife is no fun alone and God never intended it to be that way. God passionately desires for us to be in close relation-ship with Him and with each other. In our Life Groups we may do a number of different things, but the one common de-nominator is that we are committed to Doing Life Together; living in authentic, supportive, Godly relationships.
Our vision and passion is to have 100% of our church plugged into a Life Group so you can be connected and have the re-lationships and care needed to thrive in life and this church.
Where two or more are gathered in My Name, There I AM” Matthew 18:20
And because He Himself is with us as we gather together, the Holy Spirit comes and works in and through us, so that we in turn experience:
  • The presence and love of God
  • The faith to overcome the challenges of life
  • The power to change and grow
  • The fulfillment of destiny and purpose