We have been active in missions as a result of a short term mission to Haiti with the purpose of establishing a church to church relationship involving our Whitefish church and a church in Haiti. And we were smitten then and forever changed!  We felt the love of God for all the people of the world… and a deep longing for all people to know and believe in Christ.  It is what keeps us “staying the course” through the years.

We spent one year teaching in a school for the children of missionaries located on the Amazon River in the middle of Brazil.

We spent almost 5 years as missionaries to the jungles of Papua New Guinea (along with Kristen and Tabitha) where I worked as an education consultant for the schools of the ECPNG (Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea), the schools are located deep into the jungle wilderness, the only means of transportation being small Cessna planes and Ruth and Kristen focused on women’s ministry wherever we traveled in western PNG.

Upon returning to Montana after PNG, we thought we were done – but God had other plans. Two Czech teachers spending the year teaching in Whitefish became close friends with us after we met in New Covenant Church (Hope Church). When they were returning back to Czech after their year in Montana, they invited us to visit, which we did for about 2 weeks. We now spend about 6 months of each year in Czech as that is the longest visa we can conveniently get. Our focus may best be thought of as “friendship evangelism” and “friendship discipleship” – we don’t come with any specific plans but depend on the leading of the Holy Spirit. We also have deep relationships with the Znojmo Christian Fellowship which may be considered similar to a house church. There is no pastor and no active eldership although we meet weekly on Sundays. We feel we have a place of belonging and responsibility and opportunity here. We look forward to what God has in store. We are here for our 13th time in 12 years and still going strong.


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I have been on staff with Youth With A Mission since 1999, both here in Lakeside, Montana and in St. Croix, USVI.  The majority of my time has been geared towards staffing and leading Discipleship Training Schools (DTS). I am currently involved in coaching new DTS school leaders, staff training & development, and helping with our Debriefing Ministry. 

I am passionate about helping people discover their identity in Christ and walk in freedom & confidence in their calling.


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The Pauls family has been serving with Youth With a Mission since 2011. Ryan grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada and Aubree grew up in Texas. They met while doing a school at YWAM MT Lakeside in 2009 and got married in 2010.

Ryan and Aubree began serving with YWAM with the School of Biblical Studies, which is a 9 month inductive bible study school, and worked with that program for 3 years, teaching, grading and discipling students. During their time with the SBS they welcomed Desmond into their family in November 2013. In 2014 they participated in Titus Project which is a program that trains School of Biblical Studies graduates for 3 weeks on what it means to be a teacher and specifically how to teach the bible effectively. After the training time, the participants go on a 2 month outreach, teaching the bible to a large variety of groups of believers including congregations, pastors, and many more. Ryan, Aubree and Desmond went to Mexico to do their 2 month outreach in fall 2014 as participants. Since then they have been serving with Titus Project. In 2015 they led a team of 4 participants to Taiwan and in 2016 they welcomed Jaimee into their family and led another team of 4 participants to Ukraine. In 2017 Ryan began serving half days administratively with the kitchen, helping to schedule, organize and order food. He also heads up the security department on the base. And on top of that he will be leading Titus Project 2017 which begins in September. Aubree has been helping out with Titus as she is able. This year she has been taking classes at FVCC in Kalispell to work toward going to nursing school.
Contact info:, 406-212-6027, 406-260-1561

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Brad and Joyce are missionaries on Staff with Mission Builders International, a ministry of Youth With A Mission in Lakeside, Montana.

Brad works to place short term volunteers to work with several ministries under the Mission Builders banner.  He works closely with the YWAM bases in South Africa, as well as HuntSA and Village South Africa. These two are non-profit organizations that focus on bringing Christian outdoorsmen and women to Africa for hunting, safari’s and short term ministry to the vulnerable children of South Africa.

Brad and Joyce are called to connect the resources of American believers to the needs of South Africa.
They are especially called to help the AIDS/HIV orphans in the Transkei region. Soup clubs, education, building projects, medical outreaches and church planting are all part of the ongoing ministry in these villages.

Brad is also connected with Jehovah Jireh Haven, an orphan care center in Alexandria South Africa, serving approximately 100 children. He works closely with the Alexandria Christian Academy as well.

Brad has been on mission to South Africa 12 times, as well as Tanzania, Thailand, Cambodia, Ukraine, Italy and Mexico.  Joyce has accompanied Brad on 5 trips to South Africa and her heart is ministering to the Mamas of the villages who work tirelessly caring for children in need.

To contact Brad, email him at  Please check out and  To get an overview of the scope of Mission Builders International, go to